Cherokee River Indians


The Cherokee River Indians play a long summer wiffle ball schedule, facing teams from across the US.

Current Record: 25-7

4.10.24@ Church Hill RangersTN19-6W
4.11.24@ Church Hill RangersTN5-1W
4.11.24@ Church Hill RangersTN5-0W
5.17.24Yukon YardbirdsOK21-5W
5.18.24Yukon YardbirdsOK10-8W
5.18.24Yukon YardbirdsOK8-0W
5.30.24Hokes Bluff HawksAL5-0W
5.30.24Hokes Bluff HawksAL1-0W
6.1.24Axtell Americans NE5-0W
6.1.24Axtell AmericansNE14-2W
6.2.24Axtell AmericansNE8-0W
6.8.24@ Dixon D-BacksIL4-0W
6.9.24@ Dixon D-BacksIL1-0W
6.9.24@ Dixon D-BacksIL10-2W
6.13.24St. Johnsburry SluggersVT4-3W
6.13.24St. Johnsburry SluggersVT2-1W
6.13.24St. Johnsburry SluggersVT4-3W
6.14.24Ely TrailblazersNV2-3L
6.14.24Ely TrailblazersNV3-8L
6.14.24Ely TrailblazersNV6-5W
6.15.24Kearney SoxNE7-6W
6.16.24Kearney SoxNE4-2W
6.16.24Kearney SoxNE4-1W
6.22.24Tryon TornadoesNC3-7L
6.22.24Tryon TornadoesNC5-6L
6.22.24Tryon TornadoesNC5-6L
6.29.24Church Hill RangersTN5-4W
6.29.24Church Hill RangersTN4-3W
6.29.24Church Hill RangersTN6-7L
7.1.24Hokes Bluff HawksAL2-3L
7.1.24Hokes Bluff HawksAL4-2W
7.2.24Hokes Bluff HawksAL5-3W
7.4.24Hokes Bluff HawksAL
7.20.24Home Run DerbyTN

Spring Training

Feb 24th – Mar 25th

Regular Season

April 10th – Oct 14th


Oct 15 – Nov 3rd